Export Specific Buyer Policy - (BWP)

Credit Insurance Policies

Export (Specific Buyers) Policy

Buyer wise Policies - Short Term (BP-ST) provide cover to Indian exporters against commercial and political risks involved in export of goods on short-term credit to a particular buyer. All shipments to the buyer in respect of whom the policy is issued will have to be covered (with a provision to permit exclusion of shipments under LC). These policies can be availed of by

(i) exporters who do not hold SCR Policy and

(ii) by exporters having SCR Policy,

 In case all the shipments to the buyer in question have been permitted to be excluded from the purview of the SCR Policy.

What are the different types of BP (ST)?

Buyer wise (commercial and political risks) Policy - short-term

Buyer wise (political risks) Policy - short-term

Buyer wise (insolvency & default of L/C opening bank and political risks) Policy - short-term.

The risks covered under the Buyer Wise Policy:

Under the policy covers commences from the date of shipment, the following risks:

a. Commercial Risks

I.Risks covered on the overseas buyers:

  • Insolvency of the buyer.
  • Failure of the buyer to make the payment due within a specified period, normally four months from the due date.
  • Buyer's failure to accept the goods, subject to certain conditions.

II. Risks covered on the L/c opening Bank:

  • Insolvency of the L/c Opening bank.
  • Failure of the L/C opening bank to make the payment due within a specified period normally four months from the due date.

b. Political Risks

  • Imposition of restriction by the Government of the buyer's country or any Government action, which may block or delay the transfer of payment made by the buyer.
  • War, civil war, revolution or civil disturbances in the buyer's country. New import restrictions or cancellation of a valid import license in the buyer's country.
  • Interruption or diversion of voyage outside India resulting in payment of additional freight or insurance charges which cannot be recovered from the buyer.
  • Any other cause of loss occurring outside India not normally insured by general insurers, and beyond the control of both the exporter and the buyer.
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